ALONE IN VAARN 1.1 day one

Image by Kilian Eng

[Note: anything decided by the Oracle will be in square brackets. I will choose to use either the Symbol and Position or any of their accompanying words, whichever fits best.]

Symeon, Leif, and Faulkner, trying to pay off a water debt in Gnomon, commit their service to Xrax, a retired Thunder-Rider. The first boon he sends them on is to retrieve an unbroken memory crystal from the wreck of the Cynosura to the north. The Cynosura used to be an old water prospector’s rig. It lies in ruin, wracked by a biotech infestation.

The group wakes up in the morning in a deserted hut outside Xrax’s lair. Symeon wishes he had never been born, which Leif says is confusing because he’s a machine. A lurid haze hangs over the land.

They venture out into the azure dunes, northwards. Eventually they pass Ptolemnon’s Lake, which now is merely an old, dried-up lowland with rings showing the depressing years of slow recede until no water remained at all. Faulkner remembers when it used to be home to a [Council Violence] Faa symposium until a violent disagreement. A rotten tower composed of leather and bone leans to one side, completely forgotten.

In the morning, they encounter nothing.

The group stops to refresh themselves, passing around posca and dried honeycakes. After, they continue their travel along the cerulean wilds. Cresting a dune, they come across a baleful chromavore, which ejects out of some nearby crag and heedlessly attacks in daylight.

The party, all carrying ranged weapons, level their guns, but soon notice the futility of their attacks, shrugged off by the chromavore’s extro-dimensional body. But the dull Leif doesn’t clue in and keeps attacking with his rifle. Seeing no other option, Faulkner and Symeon use their respective mystic gifts of of hypnosis and hyper-motion to rend the chromavore to pieces. The battle is short but exhausting (all characters are at either 0 or -1). The group chooses to find somewhere to rest. The candescent wine-red sun beats down on them.

(Note: I totally forgot to assign damage as CON drain.)

Trudging through the last of the cerulean dunes, the group finally arrives at the wreck of the Cynosura, which is buried amidst a fungal forest of carnelian and amethyst hues. Taking no risks, they refuse to search the wreck at night. They seek shelter in a dilapidated grove.

During the night, a pack of three lambent lynxes pass by, one of them carrying an autarch’s sigil around its neck. They do not disturb the group.

End of the first day.

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