ALONE IN VAARN 1.2 tune one

Image is “Cosmonova” by Kilian Eng

When playing table top games of any kind, I like having some background music. Even if I might not pay attention to it while actually playing, I find it nice to search around for tunes here and there in the middle of my day. It also helps me find new artists.

Now, I don’t know why, but it took some time to find tunes for Vaarn. I knew what kind of music didn’t want to listen to. Nothing lyrical, cinematic, or with much piano or strings. I definitely edged away from anything heroic or too classical. I wanted to pick up something idiosyncratic and mostly instrumental. With lots of guitar and synth. I wanted desert themes and a touch of psychedelic, a hint of qabbalah, and a peppering of kashmir. Electronic sounds were very welcome. But nothing too retrowave-ish. I didn’t want a strong beat, but lots of atmosphere.

Anyways, I’ll release these tunes one-by-one with a little blurb. There will be some songs from the same album.

Also, there is an official VOV album written by Out On Our Own. Go find it on YouTube.


“Vignette: Visions” by Disasterpeace

This is a great track to begin the session with. It starts off with bleary-eyed intrigue, full of crinkly fuzz, glinting synth, and static-filled pads. The music transmogrifies (1:28) into a track full of urgency and mystique. This song casts a nice, dramatic hue for the first moments of an adventure.

Lots of Disasterpeace’s songs off this OST are full-tilt atmospheric and, in my mind, are perfect for the table. The video game itself (Hyper Light Drifter) clicks with Vaarn. New-beasts. Old titans. Lost technology. Ruined civilizations.

10 thoughts on “ALONE IN VAARN 1.2 tune one

      1. yeah the final shadow monster boss is a POS, I think the fight I died to the most was the bird wizard funnily enough but they’re all challenging. Died to the archer least I think. Really fun game in the end, wished it was longer

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  1. I’ve also started a playlist for VoV, this is the first time I have mentioned it. It exists on Youtube and on Spotify, just search for Vaarn. It is work in progress, so new songs will be added, and possible some taken away.

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    1. Yeah I have been trying to go for instrumentals, but Dopesmoker has so few words that it made the list. I usually don’t DM with music on, so we will see if its too much to stay there. I will be for sure including The Weedians in my Vaarn setting though. Thanks for checking out my playlist, I look forward to seeing what other tracks you post, this one from HLD was an excellent choice.

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