ALONE IN VAARN 2.1 day two

Image by Kilian Eng

Symeon, Faulkner, and Leif wake to a still, blood-red morning. Unhindered, they make their way towards the wreck, walking past large grottos of unnerving fungal growth.

Do they find an easy way in? [Hard no, Secrets Death] They are unsuccessful at finding an entrance, and have spent all morning in futility. Symeon thinks that the fungus might be the key to getting inside. They inspect a cluster of fungal growth and find that it is blooming out of a massive, withered corpse of a cacogen pseudo-giant. This corpse happens to be someone Leif recognizes from his childhood. His village was attacked when he was young. The last of the water-chieftains were slain and he escaped only to learn that all of his kin had died horrible deaths.

For this, Leif feels vindicated while rifling through the corpse’s pockets. The cacogen is wearing the tattered remains of a bone-fastened hide gambeson. While searching, Leif plucks a glowstone from a hidden sabretache.

They keep prowling about the stalks of the multichromatic fungus. Every fungal growth had erupted from the strewn corpses of a few hundred beings, some of them true-kin and some cacogens. All of them seem to have died in a great battle. The fungus had feasted on their flesh and grown to a looming state.

Are these bodies the crew of the Cynosura? [No but, Greed Plenty] No, they are raiders. They had begun to molest the prospecting rig when an unknown calamity struck them dead. There might be things still left untouched on board the rig.

Faulkner investigates what the calamity might have been (PSY roll: 6). He has no idea and has a faint voice in his head telling him to stay out of the Cynosura.

While searching a tourmaline grotto they are surprised by three giant azure scorpions on the hunt. The battle is fatal. The group isn’t able to harm the scorpions. They decide to retreat, but in the heat of battle, Symeon gets left behind. The giant scorpions were scavenging for spare parts and decided to repurpose the synth priest. He is lost forever, at least in the form that Leif and Faulkner knew him.

Faulkner drags Leif into a fungoid grove and they hide until the scorpions leave with their cybernated cadaver.

It is already growing dark. After stuffing down a meal of leaf-wrapped comestibles, Leif climbs into the upper foliage of the fungus to meditate. Faulkner takes this time to make a prayer, saddened by the loss of their companion.

Faulkner’s father used to talk about the void saint Diokratos, patron of the dead and dying. The new-ibis takes a chance and prays to the little-known martyr.

Does Diokratos hear Faulkner? [No and, Fear Growth] Diokratos does not listen. Instead Azathoth hears the weak prayers of the new-beast and decides to visit Faulkner again in the night. After Faulkner falls asleep, his night is fitful and writhing with horrors of the abgeometric, unraveling face of Azathoth. But the night passes uneventfully for Leif, who dreams soundly under the Vaarnish stars.

End of the second day.

(Note: I am still getting the hang of solo roleplaying. I might miss an opportunity here or there and forget that someone has a certain item in their inventory. As I’m completing the first few playthroughs, I am trying to keep it simple enough to get a grasp on the pace and implications of solo rpg’s. Drop a comment or contact me if you have any suggestions or things you want to see.)

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