VAARN . table: rulers

Image by Kunrong Yap

The truth of the matter is that wherever you go in the Vaarnish Interior, even though it is a trackless sand-waste, some dastardly ruler will have a claim on an interest there. Whether it’s people or prospects, relics or resources, trade routes or settlements, the wilderness of pallid sapphire dunes and yawning teal wadis are teeming with undisclosed hierarchies and horrid tyrants.

Some of the combinations might seem incongruent at first. All the more reason to devise an interesting backstory of how he became their ruler. Use this spark table in combination with your favourite name-generator and rule away.

1Amir ChattelRobustThreatened
2Sultan OasisWell-armedDying
3Chiliarch Hunting groundsPeacefulInfested
4Nawab Salt mineResourcefulDestroyed
5KhediveTreasure hordeEnduringConfined
8ChieftainMass GraveArtisticOccupied
10PashaTrade routeHopefulSinking
11ChogyalHegemony garrisonCourageousDivided
12ExultantFungal groveTenaciousBattered
15ShahLithling caveReligiousBesieged
16ExarchMoisture farmOrganizedUsurped
17ArchonPowerful weaponScientificPillaged
19OptimateGigantic crystalAutonomousStarving

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