VAARN . tune three

Image by Pablo Dominguez

“Horse Steppin'” by Sun Araw

This tune makes me smile. In fact, I can’t listen to Sun Araw’s stuff without cracking. His music moves from eclectic throes of multi-patterned instruments in which there is no concept of up, to semi-melodic psychadelic tracks where there is a solid presence of the Mojave Desert, which is technically right outside his door.

The following quote from his bandcamp sums up his music well: “The goal has always been the creation of a psychedelic music, by which is meant a psychotropic music: not an aesthetic sensibility but a method of discontinuous experience.” The following song, featured on Hotline Miami, goes against the grain and is actually one of his more straightforward pieces. Percussion shambles along a guitar progression that feels like plodding footsteps on a hot day. The chords shimmer like a mirage, undulating along with the washed-out vocals. And I’m not going to lie. This song is the only coherent one on this album. Listen to the others at your own discretion. I’ll post another album of his sometime before the end of this year.

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