VAARN . tune five

Image by Pablo Dominguez

“Ceremony” by Hélène Vogelsinger

Tune five is a small gem I discovered while searching around for bare-bones, stripped-down electronic music in the old style of Korgs, Moogs, and Prophets. No percussion. No verse-chorus structure. No lyrics. Just ascendant ambience. And I found something. Rather, someone: Hélène Vogelsinger.

This is one of my favourites of hers and it fits the event (ceremony) of the last playthrough, too.

Onto the music. The dusk-lit arpeggios slowly climb through the beginning of the song, joined by starry echoes. Amongst the rolling notes, a ghostly backing-track appears, wails, disappears, then returns. As the song stretches through its middle and end, the assembly of notes seem to be forever drowning, forever climbing, producing a Shepard Illusion. All in all, an orphic song.

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