ALONE IN VAARN 7.2 portraits

Image by Eric M Smith

The other day I opened my inbox to read an email from Eric M. Smith. Eric is an illustrator and cartoonist whose art has appeared in comics, games, books, and more. Go find him at his website here. He sent me an amazing piece of art including the original three members of Alone in Vaarn: Leif, Faulkner, and Symeon (featured image, above).

Delighted about this portrait. I really like the textures, character details, and the dramatic monochrome.

For fun, here are my own portraits (drawn late 2021), which pale in comparison, but I thought it would be amusing to upload them anyways. I mistakenly gave Symeon two eyes (his character sheet says only one) but I appreciate how similar our Leifs are (the windswept hair and the fact that our burn scars are on the same side). Below their names are the characters’ “sigils.” I didn’t have anything important planned for that, but just made little doodles that could represent them/their clans.

If you’re looking for more of Eric’s stuff, go check it out. He can also be found on twitter: @glimbit.

I secretly (publicly) hope to see more Vaarn-inspired illustrations! Thanks again, Eric.

4 thoughts on “ALONE IN VAARN 7.2 portraits

  1. Love your drawings! Hope you post more. I’m fascinated by how you’ve woven this story together out of solo play. It feels like anything can happen to anybody at anytime, but it still feels dramatically satisfying, if that makes any sense. As for more drawings, there is no shortage of inspiration here. Snow Child, Null, Faulk’s nightmare box, that creepy blue baby… if I make anything worthwhile, I’ll send it your way! 😀

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    1. Many thanks. I’ll have to pick up my drawing pen again. Yes, the best part is that some of it is a surprise to me too! Excited to see more of your work 🙂


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