VAARN . Summer Jam Submissions

Image by Pablo Carpio

I’m excited to present two submissions to the Vaarn Summer Jam on

The first is called Dwellers of the Waste and it is a supplement I co-created with Eric M Smith. He helped with designing, editing, and, of course, by drawing beautiful illustrations. He makes some amazing art, which has been featured on this blog before. Go check him out. I’ll drop a sample of his work for the supplement below. As for the contents of the supplement, it includes six new monsters and two new ancestries, including a new universal skill for all characters to use: tinker.

Companions being set upon by a fearsome Leywing.

The second submission is called The Crypt of Bethor II, a 2nd-level adventure for Vaults of Vaarn. I made this one by myself but it was helped along with the aid of Eric and Desolate Drifter. Drifter is the creator of the Vaults of Vaarn System Reference Document. He also started the VoV discord and has made two additions to Vaarn, a location generator and an exotica generator (which fits on a bookmark, pretty neat). Back to the Crypt. The crypt is a spore-infested vault crawl through claustrophobic catacombs. Includes TOXIN dice and my own addition, Spore Tokens.

One too many mushroom pizzas.

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