MINIGAME . set-dice

Image by Kunrong Yap

This is a minigame that I created roughly a year and a half ago. I buried it in the shelf and forgot about it. But lately, I was spurred on by revisiting an old solo board game prototype of mine which I had created it for. Reading Prismatic Wasteland’s blog post on hacking and lockpicking also inspired me to pull the minigame out and blow off the dust.


The rules are simple.

First Round: Take five dice. Roll them. Select the lowest die and place it in the first spot in the set.

Second Round: Pick up the four leftover dice. Roll them. Select the next die, which must be higher than the previously-placed die, and put it in the second spot in the set.

Repeat until there are four dice in the set and one die is left over (unused), or until you are unable to place the next die.

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