RULES . three c’s of failing forward

Image by Rifle Infantry

Failing forward is a nice phrase. But when it comes to a moment of abject character failure will we, the game master, know what to do? With my impervious strategies, The Three C’s of Failing Forwards: COST, COMPLICATION, and CLUE, you will never have to wonder again.

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VAARN . table: pineal eye

Image by Brendan McCarthy

There is an old saying amongst the wanderers of Vaarn: “What you can’t see won’t hurt you. But it might kill you.” From the dangers of hypergeometry and nano infestations to fatal fungi and deadly mystic powers–there is always a chance that the blue wastes might end your life early. Indeed, to make sure that their path along the azure dunes is long and secure, many travelers have awoken their own mystic gifts, ingested the hard-won sacchar, installed a favourable cybernetic, or even sought a self-preserving mutation.

But there are also those who open the pineal eye. They wield mystifying powers.

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VAARN . table: god window

Image by Ariel Perez

In the clefts, gulches, and withered heights of Vaarn, ancient beings have sequestered certain small chapels and shrines. What was once hidden by the builders has been uncovered by Idris Ida-Null, an honoured hegemony cartographer. He reasons that the shrines are sheltered from the world so that both pilgrims and acolytes could worship in peace. Respecting their sacrosanctity, Idris concealed them in cryptograms amongst his many maps, some ciphers so esoteric that they require archaic religious knowledge.

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VAARN . table: trotons

Image by Jacob Marks

“An indistinguishable time ago, under the rule of the Titans, adamant followers and obedient automatons were crafted from the cybernated wombs of long-forgotten manufactories: single-minded servants of the once-living Titans. These manifold automatons were created to assert the incalculable will of their suzerains. Among them were the argent shepherds, the ego-engines of the Aurum Fleet, and lastly the Trotons, created upon directive from Iapetus, Titan of the auto-forge. Whereas the argent shepherds and Aurum Fleet are venerated because of the focus of their purpose, the Trotons are so prestigious because of the ubiquity of their use.”

-Bethor IV, Autarch of Sinopotamia

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