VAARN . table: rulers

Image by Kunrong Yap

The truth of the matter is that wherever you go in the Vaarnish Interior, even though it is a trackless sand-waste, some dastardly ruler will have a claim on an interest there. Whether it’s people or prospects, relics or resources, trade routes or settlements, the wilderness of pallid sapphire dunes and yawning teal wadis are teeming with undisclosed hierarchies and horrid tyrants.

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VAARN . table: ceremonies

Image by Moebius

One thing I’ve been thinking about is how water might be used in ceremony to calcify bonds between two groups in Vaarn, where water is so scarce. It led me to think about other ceremonies that might occur, what types of components they would include (inspiration goes to the water rites in Dune and the guest right from Game of Thrones), as well as how the actual ceremony might be administered.

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