ALONE IN VAARN 8.1 day eight

Image by Kunrong Yap

Our Travelers:

Leif, a gigantic, white-haired true-kin. Escaped servitor. Wields a dyad rifle. Owns a singing crystal that wails in cryptic song.

Faulkner, “Faulk”, a golden-black new-ibis. Believes he is human. Refuses to wear a mask. His soul was taken by Azathoth, but his body remains on this earth, undecaying.

Nullseed, “Null”, a floating drone-companion, known as a troton. Rescued from a lizard lion attack.

Snow Child, an ash-coloured mycomorph, constantly shedding spores. Saved from a tumblesnare.

To see how this all started, click here. For a list of all my solo plays, click here.

The Tale:

The day dawns; a wind arises from the north. Veils of dust cloak the horizon as their formation threatens dust-storms.

The travelers strike camp. Snow Child’s mycal-yurt folds up into a sponge-like cylinder that she places in a hollow cavity in her chest. In the cool of morning, before the giant red eye climbs too far, Leif and Snow take Faulkner’s body, still in burial caul, to the Traveler’s Graveyard.

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