Group Play 2.1 Path to Medeba

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

This Expedition:

To create the region-at-large for this campaign, I used Leo Hunt’s Vaarn Region Generator for Vaults of Vaarn (see picture at end of post). Table is found in Vaarn #3. Jacob Marks made a stunning and beautiful adaptation called the Vaarn Atlas.

Our Companions:

Rendmoor, a burnt-coral mycomorph with aphrodisiac flesh. Re-animated from the corpse of a plague victim. Wields cryokinetic powers.

Faustyn, a golden janitor-synth. Vampiric and cannibalistic. The demise of his kin is the source of his mystical powers. Believes the memories are all a lie.

Nirid, a veracious true-kin. Protector of the purity of his kind. Armed with a blasphemous fungal spear and the gift of healing hands.

The Tale:

As a side note, everyone leveled up and is now level 2. There were distinct movements of erasers towards constitution scores.

After collapsing the entrance to the Fount, the companions flee towards the oasis of Medeba Basin, hoping to meet Rendmoor’s contact. They also hope to evade the reach of Zofir, who will be less than pleased that the Fount’s entry was caved in. Whatever water Zofir could have collected from Stone6’s demense is now buried under tons of rubble.

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