ALONE IN VAARN 7.1 day seven

Image by Pablo Dominguez

Our Travelers:

Leif, a gigantic, white-haired true-kin. Escaped servitor. Wields a dyad rifle. Owns a singing crystal that wails in cryptic song.

Faulkner, “Faulk”, a golden-black new-ibis. Believes he is human. Refuses to wear a mask. His soul was taken by Azathoth, but his body remains on this earth, undecaying.

Nullseed, “Null”, a floating drone-companion, known as a troton. Rescued from a lizard lion attack.

Snow Child, an ash-coloured mycomorph, constantly shedding spores. Saved from a tumblesnare.

To see how this all started, click here. For a list of all my solo plays, click here.

The Tale:

The day dawns with an angry sky baring its tooth-white lightning. But no rain falls from the clouds.

Leif wakes up in the distended canopy of some mycogenous material. Beside him is the body of Faulk, in a macrobial burial caul. There wasn’t the slightest sight or smell of decay on him. Null, the troton, is nestled in the corner, blinking stand-by.

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