Group Play 1.1 Fount of Illustrious Flesh

Image by Rafe Johnson

This Expedition:

I used Leo Hunt’s Fount of Illustrious Flesh published adventure for Vaults of Vaarn. In order to access it, you need to become a patron of Vaults of Vaarn. I highly recommend you do. Leo has released a number of valuable goods on there–monsters, adventures, supplements, and Vaarn mail.

Our Companions:

Rendmoor, a burnt-coral mycomorph with aphrodisiac flesh. Re-animated from the corpse of a plague victim. Wields cryokinetic powers.

Faustyn, a golden janitor-synth. Vampiric and cannibalistic. The demise of his kin is the source of his mystical powers. Believes the memories are all a lie.

Nirid, a veracious true-kin. Protector of the purity of his kind. Armed with a blasphemous fungal spear and the gift of healing hands.

The Tale:

The companions meet in the settlement of Pergam with a common contact: Zofir. He is an overworked debt collector who works for the Hinnom cartel. He hires them to secure a water tribute from the settlement’s overlord, a calculating synth named Stone6.

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