ALONE IN VAARN 2.1 day two

Image by Kilian Eng

Symeon, Faulkner, and Leif wake to a still, blood-red morning. Unhindered, they make their way towards the wreck, walking past large grottos of unnerving fungal growth.

Do they find an easy way in? [Hard no, Secrets Death] They are unsuccessful at finding an entrance, and have spent all morning in futility. Symeon thinks that the fungus might be the key to getting inside. They inspect a cluster of fungal growth and find that it is blooming out of a massive, withered corpse of a cacogen pseudo-giant. This corpse happens to be someone Leif recognizes from his childhood. His village was attacked when he was young. The last of the water-chieftains were slain and he escaped only to learn that all of his kin had died horrible deaths.

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