ALONE IN VAARN . Summer Update

Just a quick update for the month of August. I haven’t posted very frequently over the summer. Part of that is simply due to the nature of summer itself, but there are also other things on the juggle.

I started gm’ing an in-person campaign, so I have been busy prepping for that. It’s been loads of fun and a great way to play through some of my own ideas, tables, and homebrew adventures. There are currently two group play reports and I plan on releasing a third soon.

On another note, I committed to do two submissions for the Vaarn Summer Jam. The first is a supplement with new monsters and ancestries (for this submission, I am working with the talented Eric M Smith). The second is a small, spore-infested crypt-crawl.

Another thing I am working on is compiling questions for an interview with Leo Hunt, creator of Vaults of Vaarn. I am very stoked that he said yes, so now I’m curating a list of questions and trying to narrow them down.

I also have three blog posts about homebrew rules ruminating as well as tons of monsters to unleash on the blue deserts.

All of these things make me glad, but it means the regular blog posts have taken a hit. I will be excited to release all these in the near future to their respective channels. Keep an eye open, or two, or three if you’re a cacogen.

Note: the feature image is something I made for our first submission to the Vaarn Summer Jam. If you like ley lines, you’ll be interested.