VAARN . tune seven

Image by Kunrong Yap

“Wisdom’s Tragedy” by Disasterpeace

This is another great track from the OST for Hyper Light Drifter, an enigmatic post-apocalypse game about ruined new-beasts, dead titans, and a cruel enemy–all with a heavy science-fantasy overtone and retro gameplay.

Disasterpeace’s arrangement captures the mysterious, heavy brilliance of the beautifully crafted world of Hyper Light Drifter. It also clicks with the Vaarn setting awfully well. If I had to choose a single album and put it on repeat for Vaarn gaming music, this would be it.

The song “Wisdom’s Tragedy” is a short tune. Most of the songs on this album fall around the 5-6 minute mark. As today’s day (day seven) was a rather sedentary day in the village of Eigin Oasis, I thought the calming, mirage-like bit-waves of Wisdom’s Tragedy would be fitting. The notes enter, exit, and re-enter like the shimmering pulses of a messenger moth’s wing. A good song for reprieve.

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