VAARN . table: ceremonies

Image by Moebius

One thing I’ve been thinking about is how water might be used in ceremony to calcify bonds between two groups in Vaarn, where water is so scarce. It led me to think about other ceremonies that might occur, what types of components they would include (inspiration goes to the water rites in Dune and the guest right from Game of Thrones), as well as how the actual ceremony might be administered.

Note: if there is a combination that doesn’t make sense (for example: if you rolled Saccharine water and Charred) then possibly reroll or put the material inside a vessel, matrix, or edible that could be charred.

1Standing VoidglassAtomizedSwallowed whole
2Standing Saccharine waterStrainedInhaled
3Crouching StonefungusFrozenRubbed
4Crouching Anodyne saltPressurizedBurnt
6SittingTeeming cyberneticInfectedChewed
7DancingPituitary glandCrystallizedThrown
8DancingNanoid plasmaCybernatedEaten with food
9SingingClotted brainEnrichedDropped
10SingingGuideboneCharredBathed in
11StretchingAural hornEvaporatedSnorted
12StretchingMephitic fingernailSmokedShoved under eyelids
13BowingAnaleptic serumSmotheredLicked
14BowingIncessant heartFermentedToweled
15ClaspingTelestic eyePouredBalled up
16ClaspingMaimed tongueHeatedHit repeatedly
17YellingVirile gonadCrushedCremated
18YellingMonachian balmElectrocutedSent skyward
19WhisperingOdiferous toenailDigestedBuried
20WhisperingPristine clawAromatedWoven into clothing

6 thoughts on “VAARN . table: ceremonies

  1. This is very cool, it reminds me of the 4th supper in The Claw of the Conciliator, where they drink the analeptic alzabo, which is a ritual drink made from the extraction of a gland from the Alzabo, and an herbal mixture to help it settle in the stomach. I wont give away anything more from the book, but look up the Alzabo in VoV #1 Bestiary. More on the Alzabo is also here:

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      1. Do you happen to be on twitter? If not, do you mind if I post this? Sorry to ask in a comment, I don’t have other contact info for you, I can’t seem to find how to send you a direct message on this blog. I have previously contacted you under my WP login as Mudfly.


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